Advorto Partners with Bramble Hub and Joins the Government Digital Marketplace

Advorto has forged a partnership with Bramble Hub, a company who helps to connect businesses with the public sector.

Advorto delivers talent recruitment solutions for some of the world's largest organisations including Lloyds Banking Group, NHS, TSB and Virgin. Their recruitment software allows HR teams to manage the entire recruitment process, providing the necessary tools to reduce time to and cost to hire. The system is also fully-audited, recording details of all vacancies, applications and candidates – making the system perfect for public sector bodies who have to be transparent in all their processes.

Bramble Hub helps to connect best-in-breed companies with the public sector in order to deliver agile, flexible and cost effective solutions to the UK Government. After processing Advorto’s application, the partnership has been approved.

The partnership has allowed Advorto to appear on the Digital Marketplace (previously called Cloud Store) – a service used by public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s-length bodies, to find and compare cloud-based services. In order to be listed on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) eSourcing Portal, Advorto had to pass through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) process. Advorto was evaluated against a strict set of criteria, and assurance checks were carried out on all the information submitted. Advorto was successful and will be published on the G-Cloud site from the 2nd February 2015.

The Bramble Hub partnership makes it easier for public bodies to procure services from Advorto if they are looking for recruitment management services to help them Hire Better People Faster.

Advorto’s talent acquisition software can help public bodies to streamline their recruitment process while ensuring they have all the information necessary to make the best decisions when bringing new talent into the company. All details of all vacancies and candidates are stored within the Advorto system in one place, an essential feature for public bodies in case of an audit of their recruitment processes.

The Bramble Hub partnership gives an additional assurance to the public sector that Advorto is a reliable software provider, essential for public sector organisations such as the existing customers NHS to be able to depend upon their provider.

If you have further questions about the partnership or Advorto’s services please contact us.  

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