9 Questions About Recruitment Software You Should Always Ask Before Buying It

Investing in the most appropriate recruitment software to meet the talent acquisition needs of your business is a long term decision.  If you haven’t updated your HR software for several years, you may find that the choice available is overwhelming.

Knowing the right questions to ask before making your purchase will help. Here are our recommendations:-

How easy is it to use? Your new recruitment software should require minimal training. Not only will this save your business time and money it will enable you to rapidly improve your hiring process. Is there a dashboard providing clear recruitment analytics? How quickly can you find qualified candidates and track applicants? The purpose of recruitment software is to make HR’s life easier by allowing them to focus on what really matters in the hiring process.

How will it improve the candidate experience? An outdated applicant tracking system, which requires the completion of lengthy application forms for example, will result in a frustrating, negative candidate experience and the loss of qualified candidates. When evaluating your recruitment software ask the vendor to take you through the application process. How many ‘click-throughs’ are required? How easy is it to upload a CV or LinkedIn profile? Can you set up a personalised, automated response to job applications? How smooth is the interface from your recruitment software to your careers site? Is it mobile friendly? The responses are key to your final decision.

What are the system’s social networking/job posting capabilities? Social recruiting is crucial to a successful talent acquisition strategy. Ask your recruitment software provider to give you a guided tour of the job posting and social recruiting functions. What job boards and social media sites does the system have access to? How simple is it to share vacancies across your employees’ social networks? A recruitment software system which lacks social recruiting capabilities will not cope with the growing demands facing HR as companies face an increasing skills shortage.

How detailed is the reporting function? Choose recruitment software with a detailed reporting tool that provides vital analysis, such as time-to-hire, most effective source of hire and an applicant tracking system that tags referred candidates. If your company is clinging on to traditional hiring methods, your investment in new HR technology should coincide with an overhaul of your hiring process. 

What customer support is provided? The extent of customer support available with your recruitment software should be a priority when making your purchasing decision. Issues with performance can damage your hiring process. What hours and days of the week is customer support available from your HR software provider? What type of support is provided, e-mail, telephone or both? Is customer support included in the cost? A reliable, robust recruitment software system is vital.

How often is the software updated? How frequently are software updates delivered? How does the vendor keep up with the rapid changes in HR technology? While it makes sense to remain with the same provider for consistency in hiring processes, you must be confident that they can meet your requirements in the long-term.

Is the recruitment software delivered through the cloud? What works best for your business? An on-site system maintained by your own IT professionals or your potential vendor maintaining and updating your system in the cloud? Depending on your requirements, a cloud based recruitment service may offer a more flexible option. Find out more about the advantages of software as a service here

Is it scalable? Your HR software needs will fluctuate as your business expands – or downsizes. Modern HR technology must be flexible and work with your requirements, enabling you to scale upwards or downwards and respond quickly to your company’s changing needs.  

What experience do you have within the sector? What experience and knowledge does the vendor have of providing effective recruitment software? Find out more about the experience of its staff and the types of clients they currently work with. In today’s competitive employment market, you need a technology provider with a proven track record coupled with the ability to deliver seamless support.

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