8 Reasons Your Job Posts Aren't Working

How effective are your job posts?

According to Hays, the UK has the one of the worst skills shortages in Europe which means recruiters have to pull out all the stops to attract qualified applicants to their vacancies. If your job posts aren’t bringing in the calibre of candidates you need to fill your assignments, here’s why:-

You’re not mobile friendly : Research by Indeed found that over half of all job searches are carried out on a mobile device, yet too many recruitment agencies still don’t have mobile responsive jobs pages. Your job posts must offer the facility to apply via mobile if you are serious about grabbing the attention of talented candidates before your competitors.

It’s not scannable : Job seekers scan job adverts, quickly seeking out the key points that will entice them to apply for a position. Use bullet points, headlines and bold type to highlight responsibilities and benefits of each position. The more quickly job seekers can identify what’s in it for them, the more likely they are to apply.

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Posting to the wrong places : A ‘spray and pray’ approach to your vacancies results in quantity rather than quality. Work out the source of your most qualified candidates and focus your job posts in those areas. Recruitment software will identify those sources and automatically distribute posts to selected locations.

Vague job title :  Job seekers search on straightforward job titles. Avoid gimmicky headlines such as ‘IT Guru’ or ‘Design Superstar’. Your headline must be clear on exactly what the job is and make it easy to search for, ie, web developer, software engineer etc. The detail follows in the job description.

Location, location, location : Is it clear to your applicant exactly where this job is located? Does the job offer the flexibility to work from home or involve a lot of travel? For temp and perm candidates this type of detail can make the difference between them submitting their CV or moving on to the next vacancy in their online search.

You’re missing vital information : You’re getting views but job seekers aren’t applying to your posts. As a basic checklist, your job post should include job title, the location of the role, responsibilities, requirements, hourly rate/salary if appropriate and the next steps to apply.

No clear call to action : It’s stating the obvious but as a recruiter you know the call to action should be clearly visible. Don’t make job seekers search for link to submit their CV. If it’s not easy to find they’ll abandon your post and look elsewhere.

Complex application process : If you’re getting page views and click-throughs but candidates are failing to submit their CVs, it suggests a problem in your application process. It may be a technical hitch that needs resolving or a complicated online submission form that’s turning your candidates off. Try out your own application process to see how easy it is for job seekers to apply and keep it simple.

With 8.2 jobs per second posted on Indeed competition for qualified candidates is fierce. Once you have identified a template or style of job post that works for your recruitment agency, adopt the same principles for all of your vacancies.  


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