7 Things About HR Software You'll Kick Yourself For Not Knowing

For HR to separate itself from the competition, HR managers must understand the impact of big data and HR analytics on the hiring process. Familiarising yourself with the extent of your HR software’s capabilities is a good place to start.

Here are seven things that about HR software you may not know that will boost your talent acquisition strategy:-

Gross negative disqualifiers (GNDs) enhance your screening process

If you’ve successfully installed your new HR software and you’re still overwhelmed by the number of CVs filtering through your applicant tracking system, your screening criteria needs fine tuning. Gross negative disqualifier (GNDs) are ‘killer’ questions that allow candidates to assess their personal suitability for your vacancy. GNDs can be graded as company and/or vacancy specific and incorporate questions on a range of criteria, including qualifications, location, whether they hold a driving licence and so on.

Your essential background checks are automated

Once your preferred candidate has accepted your offer of employment, the onboarding process begins. Too many HR professionals focus on the administrative requirements of bringing a new hire into the company rather than capitalising on the momentum gained during the interview process. As one in three new hires leave their jobs within twelve months, HR must take an active and personal interest in onboarding. Use your HR software to automate time consuming parts of the process, such as requesting references or carrying out essential background checks.


You can prioritise referred candidates

Employee referrals should be the main source of your quality hires but you must prioritise their progress through your applicant tracking system. Sophisticated HR software enables you to tag referred candidates and fast-track them through your hiring process.

Your data is ‘live’

Successful talent acquisition relies on current as well as historical data. For instant, ‘live’ updates to your recruitment analytics, HR software creates reports with data pulled down from Excel. Time to hire and cost of hire are two key recruitment metrics that every employer should know but which are the most important?

Writing for CareerBuilder this week, HR specialist Tim Sackett identifies the following metrics as key to measuring success:-

  • The number of candidates engaged with each vacancy.
  • The number of qualified candidates.
  • The number that passed your assessment process.
  • The number sent to the hiring manager after the initial screening process is complete.
  • The number of interview requests sent.
  • The number of candidate offers made.
  • The number of those offers which are accepted.

Your HR software will provide that detailed information.

Hiring managers have full control over job postings

Employers need to be confident that all job posts are aligned with their brand message. Pizza Hut’s notorious advert made the headlines for the wrong reasons last year. Modern HR software provides a dedicated portal giving hiring managers ultimate control over content posted to job boards and online recruitment channels. The aptly named hiring manager portal contains an ‘Authority to Recruit’ function combined with a comprehensive system of checks and balances. 

Passive candidates don’t need to complete application forms

Don’t lose out on potential talent with long-winded application forms. Use the ‘registration of interest’ function within your HR software to capture contact details, create a talent pool and engage with passive candidates via regular, automated messages and social media pages.

Your HR software is scalable

Employers often wait to invest in HR software rather than risk signing up for an expensive system that doesn’t meet their needs. Today’s HR software is scalable and adapts to the needs of your business so you only pay for (and use) the system you need.

Advorto’s world class software is used by some of the world’s biggest organisations to hire better people faster. Is there more you need to know about recruitment software? We’re here to answer your questions. 

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