7 Steps To Choosing Online Recruitment Software

HR is experiencing turbulent times. As businesses grapple with the impact of big data and employer branding, the advent of careers websites exposes the reality of the candidate experience for all to see - and it’s not always pretty.

The problem may lie in the die-hard recruiting habits of some companies.  A recent survey revealed that almost 61% of potential buyers of recruiting software still rely on manual systems in their hiring process.

On a one-off basis, a manual talent acquisition system is manageable. For companies in a growth phase or seeking increased efficiency in their hiring process, chaos is often the result where manual systems take precedence. 

An online recruitment software streamlines all aspects of your talent acquisition strategy including:-

  • Advertising a job vacancy
  • Assessing and shortlisting applicants
  • Arranging interviews
  • Reviewing and comparing candidates
  • Final candidate selection

Furthermore, online recruitment software helps to improve efficiency and organisation in the hiring process.  Successful talent acquisition takes place online with the creation of talent pools which are fed into your applicant tracking software. To put it simply, recruitment software will help HR to manage multiple vacancies and applications simultaneously.

Selecting one appropriate to the unique online recruitment needs of your business can, however, be a challenge. When reviewing your options, consider the following:-

Integration with your website : Online recruitment software which integrates with your careers website is vital for a successful talent acquisition strategy.  Your recruiting software must ensure a seamless experience for applicants or passive talent visiting your website and must be integrated with your social media and e-recruitment channels.  In this way, when candidates register with your brand, they will also be logged into your applicant tracking software, enabling you to track their progress easily.

Inclusion of keywords : A vital aspect of online recruitment software is the selection of appropriate keywords. These keywords screen applicants swiftly through your integrated applicant tracking software, leaving you with a manageable shortlist of candidates to assess for interview. 

Easy posting of job adverts : Online recruitment software posts your vacancies automatically to job boards and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This feature was ranked the most important in the abovementioned survey by companies new to recruitment software. The most sophisticated allow jobseekers to apply using their LinkedIn profile.

Sophisticated screening : Modern recruiting software saves time by eliminating unsuitable candidates through a series of straightforward questions based on company requirements, the individual role and more detailed online screening.  Applicants can also assess themselves through responding to what are known as Gross Negative Disqualifiers – or ‘killer questions’ as we like to call them.

Visibility throughout the hiring process : Today’s e-recruitment software enables you to assess the progress of your vacancies at a glance through recruitment analytics which can be linked directly to Excel. For HR managers more familiar with spreadsheet reporting this is a popular option.

Get mobile : With at least 50% of all online job searches being carried out via a mobile device, mobile functionality should rank highly when reviewing your talent acquisition strategy. Employers who lack this function over the next 12 months will fall behind in the talent race.

Scalable : For companies new to e-recruitment software, it’s important to choose a package that fits your business needs today yet is scalable as your organisation grows. At Advorto we offer a range of online recruitment options to meet a variety of business needs.   

Online recruitment doesn’t need to be complex.  For more information on the most appropriate e-recruitment software for your business, speak to us today. It’s the easiest way to manage your entire recruitment process.

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