7 Essential Steps For Prepping Your Candidate

Recruitment is more than just a numbers game, although at times it may not feel like it. One of the most crucial parts of the recruiting cycle is the prepping of your candidates for interview. The more informed your candidate is, the better their chances of performing at their best when meeting your client – which reflects positively on you as a recruiter. Here’s how:-

Don’t assume : Never assume with candidates. Confirm the time, date and location of their interview, via e-mail, automated text message and a call the day before. Remind them who they will be meeting, how long the meeting is likely to take and the anticipated interview style. Remove the element of surprise. If candidates are expected to complete an online assessment before they leave, let them know in advance.

Be upfront : If this vacancy comes with a plethora of red flags (ie, the last two employees in this job walked out, company turnover is high, the job’s been vacant for six months, the salary is appalling) be honest and focus on the potential with the role. You’ll build trust and rapport with your candidate by addressing the negatives as well as the positives of the job.

Offer insights : As a recruiter, it’s your responsibility to provide your candidate with as much insight as possible into the company, its culture, the vacancy and the people they will meet. If the hiring manager has identified concerns over a skills gap in their CV offer guidance on how to address those issues in the interview. Encourage candidates to prepare examples of where their skills and achievements match the job requirements. Reinforce the importance of them carrying out their own research too.

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Prepare questions : Enthusiasm can be the crucial difference in securing a second interview or job offer or facing rejection. Ensure your candidate has a list of questions prepared for the hiring manager which demonstrate their interest in the job and the company. Questions such as ‘What are the characteristics of your most successful employees?’ ‘What challenges will the successful candidate face in their first three months in this job’? and ‘Why do you work for this company?’ are all great examples.

Review their social media : Ensure your candidate updates their LinkedIn profile, reviews their social media feeds, removes inappropriate posts and adjusts their privacy settings on sites like Facebook prior to the interview. Emphasise the importance of their online presence reflecting their professional image.

Don’t talk about money : Sometimes this is the most difficult aspect to prep your candidate on. Explain that the important outcome in the first interview is to ensure the job matches their career aspirations and to secure a second interview. Remind them that you will handle salary negotiation to ensure they any future job offer matches both their experience and expectations. If this is a second interview it’s the ideal time to cover the prospect of the counter offer and remind them why this job offers what their existing one doesn’t.

Ask for the job : It may catch the employer off guard but it works. If your candidate is genuinely interested in the job, get them to say so and ask if there are any concerns about their ability to meet its requirements. It allows them to address the employer’s concerns before they leave the interview which they can later confirm in their post interview follow-up note.

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