6 Tips For Choosing An Effective Applicant Tracking System

In our technology driven society it may come as a surprise to learn that the majority of companies still rely on manual systems, including spreadsheets and e-mails, to manage their talent pools. Others cling on to outdated recruiting software. Both groups are inevitably losing out in the race for talent against employers who take advantage of modern talent recruitment systems.

An effective recruitment management system with integrated applicant tracking software will enable your organisation to improve your hiring workflow, keep all of your HR team updated with the hiring process and most importantly – improve your candidate experience.  Having said that, it’s essential to choose an applicant tracking system that is suitable for your organisation.

Here’s our guide to selecting applicant tracking software that will improve your talent acquisition strategy:-

Your individual company needs

Before selecting an applicant tracking software, it’s important to understand the needs of your individual organisation. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to hiring talent so you need a recruiting software that can be tailored to your specific needs.  Defining the needs of your company will enable you to find the right recruiting software. If in doubt, discuss your concerns with a recruiting software provider who will clearly explain the benefits of their system.

The candidate experience

The latest applicant tracking systems enable hard pressed HR departments to deal with volumes of applicants for each advertised job efficiently.  With career sites like Glassdoor gaining in popularity among job-seekers, the emphasis on creating a positive candidate experience is here to stay. It starts with your careers website which should reflect your employer brand and offer a simple registration process. Opt for an applicant tracking system that is fully integrated with your own careers site and allows for candidates to either upload their CV or apply using their LinkedIn profile.

Social media recruiting

An effective test of your applicant tracking software is the level of integration it offers across the various social media platforms where your qualified candidates are often found.  How easy is it for your human resources team to share your vacancies on social media and track candidates who enter your recruitment funnel through those sources? Research suggests that 40% of purchasers of applicant tracking systems select one with the ability to automatically post jobs to social media.

Rapid candidate search

Imagine the ability to manage your recruitment funnel without the painstaking task of rummaging through endless spreadsheets. An applicant tracking system offers exactly that facility, allowing you to easily screen and filter every single application submitted to your vacancy.  Not all recruitment software systems are the same, however.  Opt for one that offers quick search results based on your selected keywords and additional criteria, presented in a logical manner which makes it easy to assess your candidates.

Integrate with employee referral program

Employee referrals are widely recognised as a credible and valuable source of recruiting top talent yet motivating employees to become involved in the process can prove challenging for many organisations. An applicant tracking system with the facility to integrate employee referrals will help to improve the quality of candidates and identify where your top talent is coming from.  Information is then easily shared between the relevant management teams and HR.

Improve quality of hire

The best applicant tracking systems allow all authorised users to easily organise and retrieve essential candidate information at any time, as well as offering invaluable insights into the accomplishments and suitability of each candidate for your vacancy.  Choose a SaaS based recruiting software platform with the ability to track each candidate’s CV. Not only will your company benefit from better quality hires, you’ll also reduce your time-to-hire and ultimately your cost-per-hire.

Every organisation has its own unique needs in the hiring process and it takes time to understand the methods and systems that work best for your company.  

Advorto is a provider of world class recruitment software. Our flexible applicant tracking system allows your organisation to manage your hiring process in one place. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to recruit better people faster.

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