6 Reasons Your Hiring Process Isn't Working

The ‘war for talent’ continues with 36% of companies around the globe experiencing a skills shortage – the highest reported percentage in seven years. This is echoed in the UK, with over 60% of employers experiencing difficulty with talent acquisition in the past year according to the CIPD.

If your hiring process isn’t working, it’s probable that your company has yet to fully embrace the advantages offered by modern recruiting software. Here’s what we mean:-

You have no brand :  Your employer brand needs to be much more than an eye catching slogan. It must be authentic and consistent to successfully hire and retain the top talent. Recruiting software plays a crucial role in conveying a consistent employer brand across online recruitment channels through posting a uniform message across social media and job boards. 

Your careers website needs work :  Increasing numbers of candidates prefer to apply through careers sites rather than job boards.  The most effective recruiting software allows you to fully integrate your careers site with your company website reassuring talent with a professional image – and the ability to apply using their LinkedIn profile.

You make it complicated : You’ve engaged with talent via your e-recruitment and social media channels. Don’t lose them at the final hurdle by forcing them to jump through countless hoops in order to explore opportunities with your company. Allow candidates to complete a registration of interest to enable HR to send updates when a vacancy arises and monitor responses through your applicant tracking software. A complicated system will deter even the most determined candidate.

You ignore applicants : It’s not intentional, it simply comes down to a lack of resources. Without an applicant tracking system it is inevitable that qualified candidates will be overlooked. Your lack of response will also be taken as a personal slight to jobseekers who won’t hesitate to broadcast their disappointment on social media. Recruiting software with an integrated applicant tracking system will allow you to personalise automated responses to all candidates responding to your vacancy, regardless of whether their application is successful.

Your system is on overload : Applicant tracking system? What applicant tracking system? Your company is in need of more qualified applicants, more hires and better employee retention levels.  The problem is, your workload is unmanageable and effectively processing the overwhelming volume of applications for each of your vacancies is impossible. A sophisticated applicant tracking system means screening candidates is simplified, improving hiring time and that all important candidate experience.  

You’re not mobile : Half of all UK job searches now take place on a mobile device. Furthermore, nearly 90% of all job seekers intend to search for new jobs via mobile in the next year according to a survey by careers site Glassdoor. A quarter of those will be deterred from applying for a job if a company’s website isn’t mobile friendly. A recruitment management system with full functionality on mobile devices will enable your company to attract and engage with qualified candidates.

Don’t lose out in the ‘war for talent’. Fix your hiring process with our recruiting software. Advorto is used by some of the world's leading organisations to manage their entire talent recruitment cycle. Contact us today.



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