6 Reasons Your Candidate Experience Is Failing

The results of PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey suggests that 84% of UK CEOs are concerned about their limited access to talent. The skills shortage is undoubtedly impeding the talent acquisition strategies of many employers but the problem may also lie in the candidate experience rather than a ‘scarcity of the right skills’.

Here are six signs that your candidate experience is preventing qualified applicants from reaching your pipeline:-

Your careers sites is a mismatch

As many as 90% of candidates[1] landing on your careers site, whether through e-recruitment channels or via an online search, won’t apply for a job with your company. Irrespective of how positive an impression a prospective candidate may have of your brand through an employee referral or recruiter, a careers site that doesn’t reflect your core values  results in lost talent. Your recruiting software must present a clean, imperceptible interface with your careers site making it easy for candidates to apply.

HR is drowning in your applicant pool

Even the most adept HR teams will struggle to effectively assess overwhelming numbers of applicants, particularly those that still rely on e-mail and manual systems. Qualified candidates demand your time and attention.  Sophisticated applicant tracking software enables you to target posting across e-recruitment channels to the sites that provide the best return. Make HR’s life easier with modern recruiting software that will provide this information, screen out unqualified candidates and allow them to focus on identifying talent. 

Qualified candidates face too many hurdles

Forcing applicants to overcome countless hurdles to be considered for an interview will result in the loss of qualified candidates. A tedious e-recruitment process gives a poor impression of what it’s like to work for your company too. Today’s talent recruitment systems allow rapid sharing of information enabling interested parties to provide feedback on individual applicants and process them more swiftly. Integrated applicant tracking software also allows candidates to self-qualify their suitability for a specific vacancy giving HR time to focus on talent.

You set expectations and don’t follow up

Successful talent acquisition means adapting your strategy to the talent available, not the other way round.  Move swiftly and keep the channels of communication open with qualified candidates in your applicant tracking software.  Set expectations from the outset and deliver on your promises. Make a decision on a candidate’s application within 48 hours if that’s what you’ve specified. Unhappy candidates will take to social media and online recruitment channels to express their dissatisfaction.  

A miserable workplace

The most successful companies don’t need to pre-occupy themselves with the candidate experience because their culture speaks for itself. Online career community CareerBliss identified eight key factors that are essential to achieve a happy workplace including work-life balance, environment, opportunities for career development and culture.  Happy workplaces mean positive reviews across online recruitment channels and a healthy employee referral programme.

You view candidates as ‘commodities’

Today’s sophisticated talent recruitment systems can help you to hire better people faster but they can’t conceal a poor attitude. If your HR team treats job seekers as commodities rather than assets your interview process will reflect that.  A lack of qualified candidates coupled with lacklustre responses to your social media and e-recruitment channels suggest a problem with your candidate experience. Check out the reviews on sites like Glassdoor – then take steps to fix it. Support your efforts with scalable recruiting software that meets your specific business needs.

What does your hiring success tell you about your candidate experience? Streamline your talent acquisition strategy with world class recruitment software.  Contact Advorto today

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[1] Source : Dr John Sullivan – ERE.net

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