6 HR Strategies To Drive Business Success

The results of Manpower’s 10th annual talent shortage survey released last week shows that 38% of global employers are still struggling to recruit the talent they need to fulfil business goals. The skills shortage is manifested in lower productivity, higher turnover levels and lower employee engagement yet one in five employers have still not developed a plan to resolve these issues.

The solution lies in developing successful HR strategies that will align with the key values of the business and help your organisation to meet its talent acquisition goals.   

With the following strategies you can begin to overhaul your hiring process and attract the talent vital to your business success:-

Understand what your employer brand is

Your HR strategies must take into account your company’s core values.  What goals are your employees working towards? Which three words summarise your culture? Before implementing sweeping changes you must understand and communicate your employee value proposition across your website and in all online recruitment channels and company publicity. Your careers site sets the perception of your employer brand and is the place candidates turn to first to research your company.

Revamp your job descriptions

Part of your overall HR strategy must be to align your job descriptions with your brand values to create clear job descriptions that encourage candidates to explore your vacancies further. Prospective talent must be able to understand the goals of your business and envisage how they can contribute to those goals on a daily basis. 

Integrate social media into your hiring process

If you are serious about attracting upcoming talent, social recruiting technology must be integrated seamlessly into your online recruitment strategy. Finding a job through social media is increasingly becoming the norm for upcoming talent yet 79% of HR teams still do not have access to social recruiting technology. Make this a priority for your business.

Understand who you need to hire

Recruitment analytics will provide information on the qualifications and background of your company’s top performers. It is these traits that you must identify in prospective employees during the hiring process. Learn from the most successful companies.  In Harvard Business Review’s article How Netflix Reinvented HR, one of the top priorities of Netflix was the hiring of ‘A’ players to work alongside their top talent and improve employee retention levels.

Streamline the candidate experience

Pinpoint the area you are losing candidates through your applicant tracking system and pay specific attention to these areas of the candidate experience. Automate parts of your hiring process to respond quickly to candidate enquiries and stay in close contact . Review your interviews to ensure you identify the skills your business needs as well as the culture fit. Avoid ‘death by interview’ and hire quickly. One of the main reasons for candidates rejecting a job offer is because they accepted an alternative position from another company.

Follow PwC ‘s example

With a shortage of technical skills and lack of experience identified in the Manpower survey, HR must develop a strategy with more emphasis on soft skills. PwC’s decision to eliminate ‘A’ Level grades from their initial graduate screening process made the headlines. Just under a third of graduates report trouble finding a job and express pessimism about their job search success. Don’t focus purely on qualifications. Consider hiring for the organisational fit and potential.

Advorto’s recruiting software supports the HR strategies of some of the world’s leading organisations. Contact us today to arrange a demonstration and find out how we can help HR to drive your business success.  

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