5 Resolutions For Your Talent Acquisition Strategy In 2015

As 2015 approaches HR is deluged with numerous predictions about talent management trends for the New Year, from the importance of recruiting software and big data to skills shortages and the ubiquitous war on talent.

Here we’ve identified five essential resolutions for next year:-

Work on employee retention levels

The interviewing, on-boarding and initial training processes require time and investment.  If you commit resources only to lose your new hire within a few months into the job, your costs rise again. With a clear understanding of the job requirements, supported with effective recruiting software and a commitment to best practices, you will improve your employee retention levels

Improve communication (and your brand message)

Don’t be in any doubt that applicants expect a response whether you are dealing with 5 or 50 CVs in your applicant tracking system. Every single interaction with candidates will reflect on your company reputation whether or not they are eventually hired.  Potential talent should be positively engaged with your brand from the outset, whether through your e-recruitment systems or a speculative recruitment call. Failing to follow-up on applications, e-mails, post interview thank-you notes speaks volumes about the way you value your people.

Opting for recruiting software that automates personalised messages to maintain engagement will mean best recruiting practices are adhered to. Choose one that creates identities for each of your team members to inject a personal element into e-mails and text messages. Pay attention to your careers website too with a recruitment management system which offers an easy interface with your company site. Don’t leave talent hanging around.

Shorten your hiring process

Shorten hiring times with the support of an efficient recruitment management system.   A recent CareerBuilder survey revealed that most job seekers feel that the application process is much longer and more complex than necessary. This contrasts sharply with employers who mostly believe their hiring process takes an acceptable length of time. Choose applicant tracking systems that allows for a degree of self-assessment by job seekers and a self-scheduling interview facility for candidates who meet the initial screening criteria.  Encourage HR to put themselves through your online recruitment process to gain insight into the experience of the candidates in your talent recruitment system.

Add some humanity in the process

Recruiting software gets bad press across social media with frequent claims that automated recruiting jeopardises the candidate experience. Inject some humanity back into your own hiring process by communicating feedback to candidates. For today's job-seekers, the bad news of an unsuccessful interview outcome is preferable to silence.  Keep in mind that  unsuccessful candidates may be suitable for future vacancies. Monitor their progress through your applicant tracking system and stay engaged through social media and online recruitment pages. Recruiting software should support your efforts to improve the candidate experience, not demolish them. 

Get advice from your recruiting software provider

Understand what your business needs from your recruiting software both now and over the next 12 months. Choose a recruitment management system that meets the requirements of your business today with the potential to expand and adapt to meet your future needs. The most effective recruiting software is scalable and supports your talent acquisition strategy from initial candidate engagement through to the on-boarding process and throughout their employment.

Get your hiring strategy in shape for 2015. Advorto’s world class software is the easiest way to manage your entire recruitment process.  Contact us today.





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