5 Reasons Traditional Hiring Methods Don't Attract Talent

Recruitment articles and research papers are awash with advice on how to attract high achievers to an organisation and create a flawless talent acquisition strategy but it seems the message isn’t getting through. Research from recruitment specialists Robert Half reveals that HR still favours traditional methods of recruitment, for example, job postings and working with recruiters, rather than word of mouth and referrals.

The CIPD’s latest survey suggests that three in four employers can’t find the candidates needed to meet their skills shortage. Working with specialist recruiters aside, relying solely on traditional hiring methods won’t produce qualified candidates in sufficient numbers to drive business success.  Here’s why:-

Job boards attract active job seekers : Active job seekers play a role in every talent acquisition strategy but as a general rule do not provide the hard-to-find skills employers need. What’s more, adverts on job boards are driven by job descriptions, many of which are ineffective.  Nearly 70% of HR managers believe poor job descriptions contribute to weak candidate pools and lead to increased staff turnover. For effective use of job boards, evaluate which are the most successful for your company. Applicant tracking software will provide this information to allow HR to focus resources effectively.

Traditional hiring ignores talent pools : Talent pools provide employers with a constant source of talent to tap into but require a positive brand message and consistent engagement. Talent pools can mean different things to different organisations, whether that's an online community of passive candidates or a database of e-mails for ‘tailored nurturing’. Whatever a talent pool means to your business, to be effective it relies on applicant tracking systems that meet your company’s demands and align with your talent acquisition strategy.

Employee referrals are key to hiring success : Employee referrals enjoy the highest applicant to hire conversion rate, accounting for 40% of all hires. Automation of your employee referral programme helps to increase engagement with candidates who are recommended by your trusted employees. Make job sharing easy across social networks with sophisticated recruiting software to enable employees to constantly recruit and promote your brand. If you’re still not convinced, the hiring rate for employee referrals is 55% faster than the rate for candidates applying through your careers site.

Existing talent shouldn’t be ignored : As the CIPD report notes, companies automatically seek external solutions to their problems by recruiting new people while ignoring the talent within their own organisation. Over three quarters of companies report problems with retaining staff and with 64% of employees reportedly disengaged, employers must act to prevent a talent exodus. 

Social recruiting is vital to successful talent acquisition : Only 21% of employers take advantage of social recruiting technology yet with the growing number of millennials turning to Facebook and Snapchat in preference to traditional sites like LinkedIn companies must learn where to focus their hiring efforts to be successful. Social recruiting is essential to a successful talent acquisition strategy.

Talent acquisition doesn’t need to be complex but it must continually evolve and respond to changes in job seeking habits. Learn from the best. Here are Google’s secrets to hiring the best people:-

  • Set your standards high by recruiting people who are better than you and don’t ever compromise.
  • Find your own candidates through social recruiting and professional networks. We would also add the creation of talent pools supported by modern talent recruitment systems.
  • Assess candidates objectively by pooling and sharing of information. Cloud based software makes it easy for HR to collaborate during the hiring process.
  • Give candidates a reason to join your company. Your candidate experience coupled with a positive company culture are integral to achieving this. Stay connected with the top talent in your pipeline with modern HR technology.

Don’t cling to traditional hiring methods. Create a flawless talent acquisition strategy supported by world class recruiting software used by leading global organisations.

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