4 Instant Advantages Of HR Technology

The results of a recent survey carried out by The Starr Conspiracy revealed that 57% of companies planned to invest in new HR technology in 2015. Of these, smaller companies had a greater need of talent recruitment systems that would support their business expansion and streamline their recruitment process.

CareerBuilder’s 2015 Candidate Behaviour Survey stresses the importance of data and recruitment analytics in understanding what’s working – and what isn’t – in your hiring process but collecting and interpreting that data takes time for employers new to recruiting software.

If your business falls into that category, here are four instant ways recruiting software will enhance your hiring process:-

Careers site

86% of job seekers now carrying out job searches via their mobile device yet 80% of career sites are still not mobile enabled. A mobile apply function on your careers site is essential for employers trying to attract millennials to their job posts and talent pools. With effect from 21st April this year, Google announced that websites which aren’t mobile optimised will be regarded as ‘less relevant’ and subsequently feature lower in search results. HR technology provides a seamless transition from your corporate site to your careers site, enabling candidates to receive automated job alerts, apply for vacancies using their CV or LinkedIn profile and share jobs easily via social media. For talent on the move, modern recruiting software also allows the option of a ‘registration of interest’.

Video screening

Applicant tracking software screens job applicants based on keywords and other company defined criteria. As a further screen to produce a manageable final shortlist, video interviews are growing in popularity with many employers. Video interviews allow HR managers to quickly and virtually assess the suitability of candidates without the need for telephone screening.  At the same time they remove subjectivity from the process as candidates are assessed on their responses to identical interview questions, allowing them to pre-record answers and demonstrate their suitability for a role. HR managers are able to rapidly assess the culture fit and suitability of all applicants without the need to sit through a complete interview.

Talent CRM

According to the aforementioned CareerBuilder study, today’s job seekers use on average 18 different sources during their job search, a notable increase on last year. Modern applicant tracking systems are your recruiting CRM, enabling HR to monitor the point at which qualified candidates enter your pipeline, track their progress and stay in touch with automated updates. An ATS also facilitates instant sharing of jobs posts across all of your online recruitment and social media channels and is instrumental in the creation of a talent pool.

Improved onboarding

Once an offer has been accepted by a candidate, HR technology takes care of the formal elements of the onboarding process. The automation of administrative tasks such as requests for references, issuing relevant paperwork and scheduling a new hire’s orientation, allows HR managers to focus on making the new hire feel welcome in their new role. Successful onboarding should extend well beyond the probationary period. In an article for Talent Culture, Meghan M Biro reveals that just over one third (35%) of new employees leave their jobs within the first six months. As part of their onboarding, new hires will also benefit from a mentoring programme, incorporating clear opportunities for career advancement and relevant training programmes.

Sophisticated recruiting software will transform your hiring process, allowing you to recruit better people faster. Hire the best people when you need them with Advorto’s world class talent recruitment system.

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