3 Ways Recruiting Software Will Improve Your Hiring Process

There’s been some debate in recent months over whether or not recruiting software depersonalises the talent acquisition process.  A successful hiring strategy isn’t just about data and analytics, after all. Recruitment is about people and for some, too much emphasis on recruitment systems removes the personal element.

We beg to differ. 

Successful talent acquisition requires employers to strike a delicate balance in order to source a large enough talent pool to tap into for future vacancies. In order to achieve this, companies need a recruitment management system that will help them to achieve and manage that balance.

An effective recruiting software will help your organisation to not only improve its hiring process but hire talent in the following ways:-

Recruiting via social media

The key to successful e-recruitment lies in a solid social media presence.  Social media is the essential first step in your recruitment marketing strategy and in promoting vacancies. A recruitment management system with integrated applicant software will allow you to automate the posting of your vacancies across your social networks.  As candidates enter your talent recruitment system, you can be confident that their progress is being captured by your recruiting software. 

By freeing up this valuable time, hiring managers can focus on engaging with qualified and upcoming talent both on social media channels and within your company’s talent communities.  Focusing on the specific needs and interests of those communities means that more qualified candidates will enter your applicant tracking system.

Employee referrals

Employee referrals are one of the best sources for finding qualified talent that meets your company’s hiring needs and should form an integral part of your talent acquisition strategy.  They are regularly cited as the most effective channel for recruiting external hires and outperforming both job boards and direct online recruitment methods such as social media. Candidates who enter your applicant tracking software through employee referrals are generally a better culture fit, leading to high levels of employee retention.

For best results, choose an applicant tracking software with a built-in employee referral function.  Again, this allows hiring managers to focus on boosting your employee referral programme, knowing that candidates entering your recruitment management system will be screened and their progress tracked. 

The most effective employee referral systems offer incentives for successful hires, ranging from cash bonuses to additional training or weekends away.   Keep the system straightforward and communicate the benefits of employee referral clearly to your existing employees (ie, improved employee retention and better team morale as well as incentives).  Having the recruiting software in place to track your referrals is one thing. Creating a simple referral system is another!

Applicant tracking

However qualified candidates enter your talent recruitment system, your hiring managers need to be able to organise and monitor their progress. An effective applicant tracking software will allow you to pinpoint the position of talented candidates at any given time.  Hiring managers can also consistently engage with that talent through SMS messages and online recruitment channels.  A recruitment management system with a hiring portal also provides hiring managers with a platform to collaborate and communicate with their team.  The talent acquisition process is therefore broken down into manageable stages, which allows for balance throughout the recruitment cycle.

Your hiring process doesn’t need to be complicated. Advorto is used by some of the world's leading organisations to:-

  • recruit better people faster
  • reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire
  • control the entire talent recruitment lifecycle
  • management high volume recruitment

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