Technical FAQ

Does the system use client side controls like ActiveX or Java?
No. The system uses similar techniques employed by web sites such as HTML and Javascript.

Does the system require any special configuration for firewalls or proxy servers?No - candidates and users can simply access the system using their browser without modification.

Are there any virus risks associated with your software?
No. Our system converts all uploaded documents to PDF for safe viewing. However, we would always recommend the use of anti-virus software.

Does the system use cookies?
Yes, the system uses a special type of cookie called a ‘session’ cookie. This cookie holds a single piece of information that enables the server to identify you as you use the system. When you log out of the system, the cookie is automatically deleted.

Describe what is needed regarding bandwidth and internet access when we want to make optimal and seamlessly use of your system?
A standard web browser with internet access and Adobe Reader for viewing of PDFs.
The browser must be JavaScript enabled and the system performs faster in more modern standards-based browsers, simply due to the improved JavaScript engines. We support most major modern browsers.

With regards to bandwidth, we would recommend a broadband type of internet connection for optimal performance, but the system does also perform satisfactorily to most users via a reasonable 3G mobile connection."

How do you prevent my users from getting viruses from files uploaded by candidates?
The Advorto system converts any uploaded CVs or documents into PDFs. This not only eliminates the possibility of any viruses being attached, but also enables us to merge the CV with the details entered by the candidate into your application form into a single, well presented document.

Can we store/upload candidate data in various formats (Word, PDF, HTML)?
Candidate data can be uploaded in various formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Open Office, Plain text files, Rich text file and HTML.

Can the system export data into Excel, PDF or CSVs?
Any data in the system may be exported directly as a .csv file, or "Live Linked" to Excel using Excel's standard "Data from web" features. Most candidate data is stored in the system as both clear data and as a PDF for printing.

What is Live Linking?
Live Linking allows reports to be created in Excel yet remain connected to the Advorto system and may be securely updated at any time (via a login), provided the user has an internet connection.

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