Talent Bank FAQ

Q: Does the Advorto system have the ability for candidates to register their interests in working with the company and for us to hold their data in the talent pool?
A: The Advorto system enbles candidates to register their interest in working for the company in a number of ways. When clients are between recruitment campaigns, they still want to be able to gather potential candidates’ contact details and other key information, so interested candidates can be contacted when the next campaign goes live. Candidates can also set up job alerts so they can be informed when a vacancy that matches the alert profile becomes available. The system can be set to send out email or SMS communication on a regular basis (administration user definable) to all applicants with a job alert to ensure that the person is still interested in employment with you and has not found an alternative role elsewhere. Candidates are also able to withdraw their application at any time.


Q: Is the vacancy database configurable to allow use of the talent pool as the preferred option of recruitment for some types of vacancies?
A: Yes, this is standard functionality within the Advorto system. The Search function will automatically populate relevant fields to interrogate the Talent Pool when a new vacancy is created.


Q: Does the system have the ability to select from the talent pool of speculative/‘keep-in-mind’ applicants?
A: If a candidate is not selected for a role, but it is felt that the person is of a high calibre, the system can (with the candidate’s permission) store their information in a talent bank and they will be invited to apply for future roles within the company. People within the talent bank can be sent communications on a regular basis to check that they still wish their details to be held.


Q: Does the system enable the creation of 'talent pools' based upon user defined skill sets and other selection criteria (e.g. location, security clearance)? 
A: Advorto customers can define their own talent pool based on the information collected and stored against each candidate record. The talent pool search page is accessible from the Back Office where a suitable search criteria can be used.

A candidate is highlighted for the talent pool after either a Recruitment Officer / Hiring Manager or Interviewer consider him / her to be of a suitable calibre. When a candidate is deemed suitable there is a requirement to classify the candidate appropriately. The classifications used for the talent pool would be established during the requirements gathering phase. Candidate classifications could include location and security clearance.


Q: Can the Advorto system provide the ability to communicate on an individual or a mass basis with applicants in the talent bank?
A: All communications with candidates, people in the talent pool or any other category of people data held on the system, can have actions taken against them on an individual basis, or on a bulk basis e.g. all people within the talent bank sent a communication inviting them to confirm their status and update any changes to the data held about them.

Talent Bank ensures compliance with Data Protection by requesting candidate permission to be part of the Talent Bank and automatically contacting the candidate at least every 6 months to ensure that the candidate’s profile is still up to date.

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