Training FAQ

Q: Are training guides/support materials offered?
A: We encourage self-service, with an extensive and constantly updated support knowledgebase containing articles detailing how to achieve  various system tasks.

Advorto systems are intuitive and user-friendly. Key recruitment personnel will first acquire hands-on experience with the Advorto solution during the sales process, with a system available to use from first contact with the Advorto team on request, along with a ‘Quickstart’ guide and a  comprehensive user manual. Immediate access to our extensive and constantly updated Support Knowledgebase is also immediately available.

Advorto also provides a Step-by-Step guide to help your Users become acquainted with the system as quickly as possible. You can also commission additional e-learning modules if required. We will then introduce you to our Training Partner to scope out your precise requirements.


Q: Is there a training plan for using the software both internally and externally?
A: During implementation, structured training sessions will be scheduled. A "Train the Trainer" approach is most common and cost-effective, via online conference. In conjunction with experience acquired during implementation, one day’s face-to-face training, and a set of online sessions typically equips client “Superusers” with the knowledge they need to support other users and Hiring Managers. Additional training can be purchased as and when required.

Advorto Training is segmented into two primary types to suit user roles and the activities that they will be required to undertake:

• End User General Training – this covers system operation, report run time parameter setting, exporting data to Excel
• Expert User Training – this covers system security and user access profile setting and maintenance, editing workflows for applicant processing, creation of new Email / SMS messages and editing established ones, editing and manipulating drop down menu choices etc.

Technical Training can be provided to set out how the system is structured, although there is no requirement for your staffs technical input for the successful operation of the system.

Training is delivered in a number of ways, and the most appropriate of these is established as part of the Project Initiation process.

Training methodologies include
• Classroom training – on site or virtual
• E Learning programs tailored to your requirements
• Embedded tutorials

Train the Trainer programs can be developed around Classroom Training approach, and Advorto will make available all Training material to the yourTrainers for them to tailor and customise.

Q: Do you provide a HR user guide?

A: Advorto will provide a Step-by-Step guide to help your Users become acquainted with the system as quickly as possible. Additional e-learning modules can be commissioned if required.


Q: Can you provide a recruiting manager guide that can be published on our intranet?
A: Advorto will supply step by step guides for all users, which if required can be published to the your intranet.

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