Support FAQ

When and how is the Support Help Desk available?
Advorto Support is manned from 08:00 to 18:00 UK Business hours via email or phone. A messaging service is monitored outside of these hours. Additional hours can be covered if required at additional cost.

How do you escalate and resolve any issues that may arise in relation to the performance of the services?
The SLAs provide an escalation process in the event that a problem or issue cannot be resolved in the prescribed manner. Beyond this accommodation, in the event that the problem is still unresolved to your satisfaction, then the next layer of escalation is Account Manager. The Account manager is kept informed of any client issue that is outside of acceptable terms, and if called upon may invoke a Client review to isolate the problem, document the process to remedy to that point, identify the agreed routes to a solution and communicate these to you. At this stage of the escalation, the Advorto CEO is also notified of the process. In the event that the problem is still not resolved satisfactorily, then the CEO will take direct charge of the path to remedy and will introduce any and all resources required to fix.

Do you have arrangements for review meetings/ongoing support?
As part of the Software as a Service provision to all Advorto Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition clients, the client will have an Account Manager appointed who will be responsible for review meetings – these will be monthly within the first three months of use, and thereafter quarterly. Advorto Support is available Monday to Friday from 08.00 until 18.00 except for UK Public Holidays.

Full visibility of the status of reported issues is available from within the
Advorto backoffice via our integration with market-leading support
software Zendesk.

Do my users need technical skills/knowledge to support or maintain the system?
The Advorto solution is delivered as web-based service – the system requires no client side software other than a modern web browser. All system support (infrastructure, database, messaging, web services, database, MI) would be managed by Advorto. You do not need to have any particular technical skills or knowledge to enable system support and maintenance.

Do you have an online mechanism for tracking support calls?
The Advorto support service is provided using an online system that allows clients to track the details of their support issue and its progress to resolution once it has been logged.

When do you carry out planned maintenance?
All planned maintenance is carried out outside of normal working hours, and is always agreed with clients prior to schedule being confirmed

What is the process for Change Requests?
Change requests (as provided by nominated authorised client “Superusers”)
will be assessed for effort. Most changes are expedited free of charge. More
complex changes (eg those requiring more than 4 hours’ estimated effort)
are chargeable. Such changes are likely to trigger a Risk Assessment and a a detailed Statement of Work requiring sign-off and a PO from the client before work can proceed.

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