Sizing FAQ

Q: Can the system provide support for 1,000 concurrent users? 
A: The Advorto system can scale to provide support for up to 1,000 concurrent users. As part of the implementation program of activities Advorto will work with your Technical team to ensure that an holistic view of the system sizing is fully unedrstood, and that this view will take into consideration how the system is required to perform, the amount of historic data to be held online etc..

Q: Is the Advorto system capable of supporting very large scale recruitment management (e.g. 2,500 recruitment activities and 30,000 job applications per annum)? 
A: Advorto system is certainly capable of supporting 2,500 recruitment activities from 30,000 job applications each year – we are able to give examples of delivered projects above this size if required.

Q: Is the system scalable to meet expanding recruitment activities?
A: As part of the sizing exercise, we work with you to derive an anticipated expansion alogrithm to ensure that the system can continue to support your needs. Once we have completed this part of the sizing exercise, the commercial risk in providing a suitably sized environment lies with Advorto as the delivery against an SLA.

Q: Describe any limits on database capacity ( e.g. no. of records).
A: The system does not apply any limits in terms of the database capacity.

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