Product FAQ

How long has your ATS product in the market and how often do you upgrade it?The Advorto System was first developed in 2003 – it is a hosted system that is upgraded incrementally every month with patches and minor changes. A significant new release is provided approximately every three months, and a major new release every 2-3 years. All upgrades are delivered by Advorto and, other than the major annual new releases, are totally non-intrusive for clients.

What are the unique selling points of your ATS?
The unique selling points of the Advorto system are:

• Built around a single codebase for assured support and ongoing development
• Rapid deployment as hosted solution requiring zero infrastructure accommodation for clients
• Deployed via configuration and not customisation delivering robust system functionality and performance
• Outrageously good customer service and support and tailorable SLAs
• Simple and transparent per-user cost model 
• Incredibly easy to use yet powerful and functional 

What does Advorto's software do to provide a good candidate experience?
Advorto candidate portals are mobile-optimised and fully responsive, enabling potential employees to browse roles and apply on any device.

Our portals support diversity by conforming to internationally-recognised accessibility standards.

Standard features include:
• Modern, mobile optimised experience 
• Save and Return application forms 
• Candidate dashboard 
• Full multilingual experience 
• Profiles: Speculative; Talent Bank; Job Alerts 
• Comprehensively branded – portal and communications 
• Flexible vacancy listing options 
• Campaign/Graduate specific features 
• Send to a Friend 
• Easy social media sharing 
• Self-scheduling to interviews 
• “Top-up” Forms 
• Onboarding portal

Do you have other HR modules on offer e.g. L&D modular systems etc.
No – Advorto concentrates all of its energies in developing and support Recruitment systems.

What experience does your company have in providing recruitment software services?
Advorto has experience of delivering over two hundred client systems in the UK over the past ten years.

In order to deliver systems, of varying size, complexity and with often challenging timescale, our delivery teams are equipped with a vast array of skills and experience that is eminently repeatable for new as well as existing clients.

Is your product remotely hosted?
The Advorto solution is a browser based application that is hosted by us and delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) 

How does the system detect duplicates?
A core feature of Advorto systems is our configurable ‘duplicate spotter’ which can be set to be as sensitive as our clients require. The most common setting is to look for a matching first initial and surname. This causes the duplicate spotter icon against the suspected duplicate application to glow orange. Clicking on the icon brings up all suspected duplicate applications which can then be deleted or withdrawn as required.

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