Agency Portal FAQ

Q: Can I manage my PSL (Preferred Supplier List) through Advorto? 
A: Yes. Simply add your agencies and agents to Advorto, and you can invite them to submit candidates to specific roles when necessary. You can revoke any agent's access to submit candidates to a role at any time.

Q: Can Recruitment Agencies access the system to submit candidates?
A: The Agency Portal allows authorised agencies to submit candidates to approved vacancies, monitor candidate progress, and manage their own agents' access.

Q: Can the system identify agency candidates?
A: Yes, agency candidates will automatically be tagged as they will have been added to the system by an agency using the Agency Portal. All applications are timestamped so you will always have a record of when and how a candidate first came into the system.

Q: Can the system monitor the effectivenes of recruitment agents? 

A: Yes, our standard reports will tell you at a glance which agents are submitting candidates who regularly pass screening and interviews and which agents are submitting less appropriate candidates.

Q: Does the system reduce my reliance on recruitment agencies?

A: Many clients make use of Advorto's support for recruitment agent candidate submissions. However, our tools to help you hire directly and build a fully searchable talent pool will attract an increased volume of direct candidates for your roles, reducing reliance and spend on recruitment agent candidates. 

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