Onboarding FAQ

Q: Can the Advorto system complete reference/background checks by using mailmerge capability to send out requests directly to referees?
A: The Advorto system can generate user defined correspondence to send to candidates as they progress through an application process workflow, this can include background checks and references. Alternatively the Advorto system has inbuilt links to DBS and other accredited checking agencies, including Credit Agency checks. Additionally, the system will dispatch requests for references to contacts provided by the shortlisted candidate, and send out reminders to those referees in the event that replies have not been received within a specified period of time. The responses to DBS and Credit Checks can be forwarded to nominated individuals within an organisation for consideration of impact that any negative feedback might have upon the candidate’s suitability for the role.

Q: Will we have the ability to email onboarding forms to candidate to complete and return online?
A: On-boarding forms can be emailed to candidates to complete and return on-line, alternatively the Advorto system has a self-service portal to give information to candidates and for completion of post-hire forms, scheduling of employee orientation, plus internal notification to key parties. The candidate dashboard informs the candidate they need to review their onboarding documentation and they will be taken to the onboarding area where they can view information and complete on-line forms.

Q: Will we have the ability to record mail merge conditional offers to applicants at this stage?
A: The user defined correspondence generated by the system can either be created from templates or from scratch. The system makes use of merge fields, the data being selected and copied and pasted to where you require the merged data to appear within the email, letter or sms. A copy of this is held within the candidates audit trail.

Q: Can we generate an offer letter from application?
A: Many of our clients send on-boarding material to “offered accepted” candidates through Advorto. Advorto has the flexibility to make this as detailed or as simple as you require.

Q: Does the Advorto system offer the flexibility to define candidate's data to be integrated to HRIS database as new starter data?
A: The Advorto system can be integrated with HRIS including OpenHR and enables recruitment data to flow into this systems, eliminating the need for data re-entry and the potential for error.

Q: Does the Advorto system offer online offer visibility, acceptance and reference checking workflow?
A: Online offer visibility, acceptance and reference checking workflow forms part of the Advorto on boarding process.

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