Implementation FAQ

Q: Does Advorto offer self-service recruitment management available to all employees?
A: Yes - the system is available to anyone with Internet access. Existing employees are likely to need to access the system to either:
1. Search and apply for internally posted vacancies on your Intranet, or
2. Use the system as part of the Vacancy Requistion Process.

Q: What methodology does Advorto apply to ensure successful implementation of its Enterprise edition by the 'go live' date?

A: All Advorto editions are delivered as Software-as-a-Service – therefore the specification, configuration and deployment of the software is as integral a part of our delivered solution as the software functionality. For our Enterprise and Unlimited editions Advorto invests a considerable level of additional resource into ensuring that a client’s requirements are clearly understood, that the specification reflects these, and that the defined actions and responsibilities to make this all happen are clearly mapped out, communicated and delivered on time. This process includes:

• Requirement discovery workshops
• Development of Statement of Work (SoW)
• Development of your Shopping List – activities, responsibilities, deadlines

The implementation plan will be an amalgamation of the output of each of the above activities.

Q: At the end of the contract term can Advorto facilitate transfer of the services in-house or to another supplier?
A: Yes. At the end of the contract, all data held on the Advorto system at termination would be transferred and data on the Advorto hosted system would be deleted in its entirety.

Q: Please explain how Advorto deploys expertise on larger projects

A: All of the Advorto software has been designed and written in-house by employees of the company. This provides us with greater control. Our implementation and support on larger projects is drawn from two in-house teams: Technical Services and Solutions Delivery.

The Technical Services team comprises full-time employees who are all graduates in an aspect of Computer Science and work to ensure that the Advorto software works seamlessly with all of our partner technologies.

The Solutions Delivery team has overall responsibility for the successful configuration and delivery of larger Enterprise solutions. They work closely with the client to develop a detailed Statement of Work (SoW) as an output from interactive workshops that will work through all of the functional requirements of the system, and design how the processes are to be configured to deliver the final solution. This is an iterative process, with the client being involved in the design throughout, and for each functional aspect to be considered in the light of the ‘art of the possible’ that the Advorto software can deliver.

A Solutions Delivery consultant will remain assigned throughout the configuration and delivery process to ensure continuity. This person is also responsible for the QA of all work delivered from SoW specification through to unit, integration and complete system testing.

The Advorto Implementation Methodology is outlined in more detail in our intial proposals and includes templates used to drive the process and ensure adherence to correct standards and processes.

If you have any questions not covered here, please contact us.

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