Ease of Use FAQ

Q: Can clients make bespoke changes to the system?
A: No – clients have access to the configuration tools, but are not allowed to make bespoke changes to the system (otherwise Advorto would lose control of the core system functionality management and thus upgradeability and support).

Q: Does the system offer easy navigation for Recruiters and Line Managers?
A: The Advorto system provides easy navigation to users, they are guided through a step by step process to ensure that they input the correct information. Many data input fields will have drop downs of acceptable choices available to ensure this objective is fulfilled. Data fields can also be set to be mandatory and will not allow the user to continue until an acceptable value has been entered.

Q: Does the system support an ergonomic way of working, including minimal clicks, supporting drag and drop and multi-select? 
A: System advocacy is often based on system performance and the minimal amounts of clicks to perform an action. To facilitate this need, Advorto have adopted single click icons to perform workflow processes, as well as “bulk action” functionality to support multi-select requirements.

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