Data FAQs

Q: What facilities does the Advorto system have to archive or purge data?
A: The system can purge data – this process can be started manually, or set to occur at a defined stage in the process, or at a set time e.g. purge data for all applicants who have withdrawn from the process after a period of 6 weeks, or purge all applicant data once an applicant has accepted an offer and their data has been uploaded into the HRIS system.


Q: In the event we cease to utilise the system who ‘owns’ the data? How would we be sent this data to retain?
A: In the event that a client ceases to use the Advorto system, all data is copied onto whatever media they request (usually data stick or CD) and provided to them in machine readable form. Their Advorto system and all data therein is then destroyed.


Q: What data fields can the system capture for the candidate's personal data including (but not limited to): Name, Address, Current /last Employer, Dob, Security Clearance Details, Qualifications, Diversity Details, Skill sets, Mobility, Notes, current salary, notice period, reason for leaving? 
A: Advorto will work with you to determine a suitable application form to collect the necessary candidate details. Advorto would also work with you to determine suitable places within the application process to collect the data. Many of our clients use a "Top - up" form ensuring that only meaningful data is obtained as and when it is needed.


Q: Does the system provide a single consolidated source of candidates’ details? 
A: The Advorto system has the ability to provide a single consolidated source of the candidate’s details.


Q: Can the system maintain salary band guidance for assessment reference against candidate salary expectations? 
A: Salary bands can be stored as a classifier and referenced against a candidate's salary expectation. For some of our clients we provide a mechanism that alerts a Hiring Manager if a candidate's current salary is more than 10% of the offered salary. Should you have similar requirements we would be happy to explore this further.


Q: Can the system record details of role related data, including business unit, grade, location, workforce and 'practice job roles'?
A: The Vacancy / Requisition form is fully flexible and clients determine whatever fields / data need to be recorded.

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