Branding FAQ

Q: Can Advorto provide a branded portal to advertise vacancies?

A: Our fully responsive templated vacancy listings and candidate portals, which will incorporate your colour scheme, logo and customised navigation menus can be deployed instantly.

All candidate emails and contract documents will be branded with your logos, and you control the content of templated emails.

If required, we can go a step beyond colours and logos, and work with your designers to create a portal which seamlessly matches your company website.

Q: Can you provide examples of the different branding options?

A: Template branded example: BWB Consulting

Fully-branded example:Virgin Trains

Q: Can the Advorto-hosted portal link be customised? 

A: We offer this service with Enterprise Edition and above, for example  is an Advorto hosted portal with a customised link.

Q: Can Advorto host additional online content? 

A: Some clients prefer Advorto to host all recruitment-related information (in addition to the vacancy listing and candidate portal). We can host this content if you like. Just provide us with the content and images and we can create the pages for you.

Q: Can I embed videos in these pages? 

A: Yes, we can embed videos hosted on e.g. Youtube.

Q: What happens when we rebrand our website?

A: An additional advantage of our templated branding is that we can update your logos and colours quickly and easily at any time. With more advanced, seamless branding, where minor tweaks are required, simply submit a change request to the support team who can make the changes.

For a complete rebrand of a seamlessly-branded portal, your Account Manager will work with you to estimate effort and costs in a Statement of Work. Once authorised, we would schedule a project to implement the rebrand.

If you have any further questions, please contact us

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