Talent Acquisition

Talent Engagement

Registration of Interest – Talent Acquisition

Candidates can register their interest even when you are not recruiting, allowing you to build a valuable talent pool.

registration of interest on mobile devices - talent acquisition

Job Alerts

Job alerts are automatically sent to registered candidates whose profile matches the parameters of each new role.

email job alert

Talent Bank

Building a talent bank or "pool" is widely recognised as the number one concern in global recruitment. A talent pool can provide an instant source of potential candidates and referrals you can tap into. It enables companies to respond quickly to their hiring needs.

Recruiters can search the system for relevant Talent-banked candidates, speculative applications, or across the whole database of candidates. These candidates can be invited to apply in bulk via SMS or email.

Talent Bank tiles

Internal mobility

Talent acquisition isn't always an external process. Sometimes your best candidates already work for you!

Colleague Portal

Integrate directly into your intranet, extranet or SharePoint

Which Edition?

See how our features compare for each edition.

Talent Engagement Recruiter Professional Enterprise Unlimited
Candidate Invite by Text Yes Yes Yes Yes
Candidate Invite by Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
Job Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speculative Applications Yes Yes Yes
DPA Compliant Talent Bank Yes Yes
Registration of Interest Yes Yes
Events Management Yes Yes

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