Recruitment Analytics

Recruitment Analytics

Recruitment Dashboard

Advorto provide comprehensive reporting tools enabling users to self-serve both ad hoc and custom reports.

There is the ability to report on any data captured on any system, as well as providing real-time access to your data and full integration with Excel.

Recruitment dashboard

In-line reports

All activity report

Live Linking to Excel

See live data pulled down from your Advorto system directly in to Excel.

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Build your own reports directly from our data


With standards in HR purportedly falling, being able to show trends in hiring, improvements and savings made is increasingly important.

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Which Edition?

See how our Recruitment Analytics features compare for each edition.

Recruitment Analytics Recruiter Professional Enterprise Unlimited
Built-In Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instant Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dashboards Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Linking to Excel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Full Analytics Suite Yes Yes

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