Candidate Experience

The Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience

Give your candidates confidence and assurance with a branded, AAA compliant, mobile-optimised and fully responsive careers site. Their impressions of you as employer are as important as the jobs you are offering.

Our portals support diversity by conforming to internationally-recognised accessibility standards.

Your Company Website

Fully integrated with your own website

Branded, Personalised Emails

Using your logo and company colours to create a branded email gives your candidates the comfort of a professional response.

You can create identities for each member of your team to give that personal touch to each email and text message that you send out.

Simple, powerful with personality!

Allow candidates to use their LinkedIn profile as their CV.

Why limit how your candidates can apply? Many of the best candidates will have a LinkedIn profile that is has all of their up to date information available and it comes with recommendations from their peers & colleagues.

Allow candidates to use their LinkedIn profile as their CV.

Add personality with a photo.

Allowing your candidates to attach a profile picture to their online application gives personality to the process. They can upload a photo or pull from various social media systems.

Add personality with a photo.

Which Edition?

See how our Candidate Experience features compare against each edition.

Candidate Experience Recruiter Professional Enterprise Unlimited
Maintain Profiles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Copy Previous Application Yes Yes Yes Yes
Save and Return Application Forms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised and Branded Emails Yes Yes Yes Yes
Candidate Dashboard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Site Branding Themes Themes Custom Custom
Careers Portal with Vacancy List Yes Yes Yes Bespoke
Send to a Friend Yes Yes Yes Yes
Share on Social Media Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self Interview Scheduling Yes Yes
Top Up Forms Yes Yes
Language Packs English English Multi-lingual Custom translations

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