Job posting

Post jobs using Advortos Applicant Tracking System

Post your jobs to:

» Advorto-hosted Internal portal (encourage internal mobility by using Advorto Refer, our integrated referral reward and management)
» Advorto-hosted External portal
» Facebook Jobs tab via our integration
» Other social media via the share links in the backoffice
» Job boards – either manually, or via our integration with Broadbean Aggregator
» Recruitment agents, as managed in Advorto (you can revoke their permission to submit candidates at any time)

Source tracking

It's important to know where your best (and worst) candidates come from. We make sure you track the source of candidates with a very high level of accuracy.

Source Report

Download our Vital Stats HR and Recruitment Infographic

All Posting and Responses in One Place

Not only do you get access to scores of Job Boards, but by posting using our system you also ensure that all responses come back into the system.


Which Edition?

See how our Job Posting features compare for each edition.

Job Posting Recruiter Professional Enterprise Unlimited
Job Specification Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fully Featured Careers Website Yes Yes Yes
Post to Recruitment Agencies Yes Yes Yes
Internal Careers Portal Yes Yes

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