Candidate Assessment

Candidate Assessment

Question Banks


Being able to assess your candidates, whether you have one or thousands, the Advorto Marketplace will make sure you find the best candidates to fill your vacancies.


Much like an app store Marketplace allows you to browse and buy HR and recruitment services which will help your hiring processes.

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Interview Self-Scheduling

Candidates can book interviews and confirm attendance online.

Once you have collected your information you can begin to delve into your big data using our analytics and downloadable advice

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Which Edition?

See how our features compare for each edition.

Candidate Assessment Recruiter Professional Enterprise Unlimited
Video Interviews Yes Yes Yes Yes
Skills Tests Yes Yes Yes Yes
Psychometric Tests Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gross Negative Disqualifiers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Selection Questions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interview Management Yes Yes Yes
Interview Self Scheduling Yes Yes
Team Screening Yes Yes
Situational Judgement Questionnaires Yes Yes
Assessment Centre Management Yes Yes

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