Applicant Tracking System

The Advorto applicant tracking system (ATS) has been built with flexibility and simplicity in mind. Meaning you can manage your entire recruitment process in one place.

Applicant Tracking System

Workflow Automation

The most efficient workflow that joins up all recruitment actions within the system for all users.

Workflow automation

A professional ATS that works simply on all levels

Full Audit Trail

Every activity that occurs in the Advorto applicant tracking system is logged and can be accessed by authorised users. A full audit trail covers every transaction throughout the lifetime of your subscription.

Audit for candidates

HR leaders are coming more and more under the spotlight, so embracing automated audit trails and systems make it simple to comply with all legislation.

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Which ATS Edition?

See how our Applicant Tracking System features compare against each edition.

Applicant Tracking Recruiter Professional Enterprise Unlimited
Candidate Workflow Templated Templated Fully customisable Fully customisable
Source Tracking Yes Yes Full tagging Full tagging
Full Audit Trail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Channel Candidate Communication Yes Yes Yes Yes
Powerful Search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Configurable Interface Yes Yes
Lockdown Data Access via Security Groups Yes Yes

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