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The rpc Group of Companies is a privately owned group and consists of six recruitment divisions: logistics and supply chain, retail, foodservice, international, commercial, interim and a technical division covering engineering, FM, security, IT etc

Our candidate database has over 150,000 individuals and are confident of finding you quality candidates for your roles

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Contingency Service , No Placement - No Fee

This service is suitable for assignments of all levels. It is best used for assignments when the role can be well defined, where a particular type of person is required and where advertising is likely to produce a positive response. This service is offered on a contingency basis i.e no placement – no fee. Step 1 – Assignment Initiation – Client Briefing After an initial telephone conversation we like to meet ( wherever possible ) with the principal client contact(s) and obtain a thorough understanding of the appointment(s), if appropriate, we like to make a site visit and meet other relevant people who may be involved with the recruitment process. We agree the strategy to succeed the client’s time-scale and any other requirements. If our client is international based or due to time pressures if we are unable to meet the client we ask the client contact to forward as much information as possible about the vacant role and the experience, skills and knowledge necessary for an individual to successfully perform the role. This will normally consist of a job description, personnel specification and organograms. We also ask the client for information on its history, business activities and culture and we also review the client’s website for additional information. An Assignment Brief and / or Internal Vacancy Advertisement will then be developed containing information about the client, background to the vacancy, job and person specifications and the remuneration package. Step 2 – Identify / Approach Potential Candidates Once agreement has been reached for us to proceed, we use a combination of database search, free advertising and networking to reach potential candidates. Client paid advertising is an option available to clients. rpc Database Search The client’s requirements and the degree of difficulty anticipated in finding suitable candidates for the vacancy will influence the initial search programme. Search and selection programmes always involve the use of our database, which contains details of thousands of candidates, built up over the years from a variety of sources including registrations of new candidates occurring daily. The rpc Group operates leading edge database technology which has been designed exclusively for the search and selection industry. The rpc Group can search by a number of different criteria, however the main criteria used are: • Job function • Industry sector • Geographical area • Salary band • Educational level • Language • Key Words The rpc Group with its database search capability can identify potential candidates quickly and accurately. Research Research is not automatically included in a Contingency Service assignment but depending upon the availability of candidates who meet the client specification then we have the option of carry out research. Networking Networking makes use of the contacts already listed in our database and other potential candidates identified specifically for the assignment. Experience within The rpc Group has shown that people are prepared to help identify potential candidates because it is likely that in the future we will have an assignment, which interests them. We use every avenue available to reach suitable candidates. Those contacted but not interested are asked to recommend others. All rpc consultants are aware of current assignments and help to find additional candidates. Step 3 – Advertising Advertising is particularly effective where candidates are sought from a variety of different industries / sectors and where particular skills are required for the role. Advertising will be most effective in cases where there is a broad requirement. Advertising options available under this service are as follows: The rpc Group Website The rpc Group website is extensively visited by professionals working in the logistics and supply chain, facilities management, catering and life support services, military and defence support services, aviation, security, fuel supply and distribution, engineering and construction sectors. The website is easy to browse and contains a vacancies database which is regularly updated. Job vacancies are listed on The rpc Group website on a confidential basis and only disclose the name of the client where the client has specifically asked us to declare their name. Where the assignment is particularly sensitive and confidential, careful consideration is taken in the writing of the job advertisement so as to ensure the client cannot be identified. Other Websites The rpc Group also posts vacancies on other suitable websites. This includes general Internet jobsites and also job boards of outplacement consultancies. Combined together this gives the Group the ability to search CV databases and download CV’s from potential candidates from databases comprising over 500,000 candidates. CV Databanks The rpc Group also subscribe to certain CV databanks where potential candidates give their consent for the cv databank to pass on their CV’s to legitimate recruitment companies where their details meet specific criteria. As with other job website databases, The rpc Group has the ability to search the CV databanks and download CV’s. E – Mail Direct Marketing The rpc Group has built up focused mailing distribution lists targeting candidates from a particular job sector / industry. E-mail messages with “Opportunity Alerts” are issued periodically with details of current vacancies or highlighting a specific opportunity. Step 4 – Verbal Progress Reports Throughout the assignment we will maintain regular and timely communication both with the client and any candidates with whom we contact in respect of the assignment, to ensure that the right steps are being taken to fill the vacancy and the client is satisfied with the standard of applicants. Step 5 – Consultant – Candidate Interviews Interviewing Candidates Using the selection criteria identified from the client briefing documentation and verbal briefing we contact potential candidates to establish their interest. We then interview those we consider suitable to provide them with the information contained in the assignment brief and to evaluate their background, experience, competencies and suitability for the role. Benchmark Candidate A benchmark candidate can sometimes be identified at an early stage of an assignment. This is likely to be someone previously met by us who is interested, of short list calibre, and with an equal opportunity of being appointed when compared to the remainder of the short list. Client feedback on benchmark candidates can be extremely useful in confirming precise requirements. Step 6 – Short Listing Our objective is to produce a short list of candidates (normally between 4 and 6 candidates). For each of our short listed candidates a Profile document is compiled. This document is in three parts and consists of the Candidate’s CV, Candidate Key Information and our written Profile on the candidate. This will include personal details, our opinion of suitability for the role and an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. Depending upon the client’s wishes, the Profile document can be sent individually as each candidate is identified as suitable for consideration or alternatively an overall shortlist is formulated and the CVs and Profiles of all Candidates worthy of consideration are sent to the client at the same time to review for inclusion in the first interview shortlist. The Consultant will continually search the market and databases to maximise the strength of the shortlist until such time as an appointment has been made. Step 7 – Client – Candidate Interviews Together with the client we will arrange the short list and final interviews and confirm in writing to both parties all details including interview format and anticipated duration. If required the Consultant can attend these interviews. After each stage of the interview process we obtain feedback from both parties, thereby providing a de-briefing function whilst ensuring candidates enthusiasm and interest is maintained. Step 8 – Reference Checking (prior to offer and where agreed) UK Based Clients The responsibility for taking out references on character and ability and validating professional and educational qualifications lies with the client and not with The rpc Group. International Based Clients In order to minimise the difficulties faced by international clients taking out references, The rpc Group will take out a maximum of two verbal references on the candidate identified as a “Preferred Candidate”. However it should be noted that the final responsibility for checking references on character and ability and validating professional and educational qualifications remains with the Client and not with The rpc Group. In all cases permission must be obtained from the candidate before taking out any references. It is recommended that references are carried out prior to offer letters being presented. Step 9 – Offer and Acceptance If required, the Lead Consultant will provide advice and assistance on how job offers should be constructed and presented. We can facilitate communication of an outline offer by contacting the preferred candidate and providing feedback to the client so as to ensure a fair offer is made and ultimately accepted. We stand by to act as ‘broker’ to the deal, ensuring both parties are happy with its content and that a successful conclusion is reached. The Lead Consultant will work closely with the successful candidate to provide counsel on resignation techniques, ensuring negotiations are effective. Verbal feedback will continually be provided to the client. Liaison with the successful candidate will be continuous until such time as the candidate joins the client company. Step 10 – Diplomatically Reject Unsuccessful Candidates The Lead Consultant will diplomatically reject the candidates who have been unsuccessful. This process will be conducted in such a way that client integrity is maintained and all candidates depart feeling they have had a positive experience. Step 11 – Post Assignment Review After the assignment has been completed, the client will be asked to complete a Post Assignment Review to provide information on our service levels and to provide feedback generally on the work we conducted. The Lead Consultant will continue to liaise with the client to monitor the progress of the successfully engaged candidate. We will also keep in close contact with the successful candidate to ensure they remain satisfied.

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