Populus Resources Limited

Populus Resources Limited was initially established to provide support to large blue chip organizations in the Industrial, Logistics and Distribution sectors, within the Yorkshire Region.

Due to our ongoing success and the changing nature of the marketplace, we have gradually expanded into different sectors such as Energy (Oil, Nuclear and Gas), Construction, Commercial, Finance, Engineering, Driving, Care and Hospitality on a nationwide and international level.

This offers clients a more streamlined and efficient service, where all products and services are available from the same service provider. Populus understands the need to forge enduring partnerships that provide long term benefits to both parties.

People are our greatest asset in business. Behind every great vision, brand and service are numerous individuals that deliver on promise. Populus is dedicated to providing support to help companies achieve their vision.

We provide innovative work force solutions to companies of all sizes to meet the challenges of todays working environment. We constantly review our services to offer clients the most effective and efficient service available within the market place in comparison to our competitors.

Available products and services

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