Marketplace for Vendors

Do you offer an online recruitment service?

If you offer one of the below services, you will be suitable for the Marketplace environment:

Candidate assessments
including background checking, psychometric assessment, references, skills testing and video interviews etc
Agency services
for either contingent or retained hire. Read more
Advertising services
e.g. posting to job boards and social media
Providing onboarding services
including induction and training of new hires
Sourcing services
e.g. job boards, LinkedIn and others

If you provide another type of service that maybe of interest to Marketplace users,  please contact us.

What is Advorto Marketplace?

Marketplace is a one stop procurement platform where HR and recruitment buyers can purchase best of breed services easily and quickly, without interrupting their recruitment process.

Advorto provides clients with an end to end recruitment solution, allowing them to create and approve job applications, advertise roles, compare candidates and more.

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How does it work?

The recruiters who use the Advorto System have access to the marketplace directly from their Advorto Applicant Tracking System. From there they can find products and services that matches their needs.

They will be able to find out about your company and the services you are offering, and buy either on your standard terms from you or through Advorto using our Approved Terms.

The Marketplace is also the gateway through which data is passed. Allowing seamless data transfer based on the requirements and outputs of your provision.

Read more on our 5 step guide


Advorto provides online recruitment systems to some of the UK’s leading employers including Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft, NHS Trusts and TSB. Together our clients account for more than £2bn spend on recruitment services.

Vendors who provide their services through marketplace will get increased visibility with our customer base, including more than 700,000 employees and over 50,000 new recruits every year.

Providing services which are already integrated into the system used daily by the recruiter gives Marketplace vendors a huge benefit over the competition, increasing the likelihood of winning new business.

Read more Features and Benefits of joining the Advorto Marketplace

How much does it cost?

It is completely free to list your services on Advorto Marketplace.

You control the price of your services in the Offers you create. We take a small percentage of this to cover our costs. Read more about fees and contracts 

You can also say if the product is offered on your standard terms & conditions, or you can offer it using our Advorto Approved Terms

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