Marketplace for Clients

It will save you time and money in your recruiting, and help you hire better people faster.

What is Advorto Marketplace?

Much like an app store Marketplace allows you to browse and buy HR and recruitment services which will help your hiring processes.


All services are integrated in the Advorto recruitment system so you simply select the service you need and start using it without interrupting your workflow.

You will be able to access a wealth of services direct from leading specialists, view what they are offering, compare with other providers and purchase through Advorto.

What services can be purchased through Marketplace?

Marketplace offers a range of different services for purchase, including:

Agency services
Use Contingent and Retained agency services
Credit and references checking,  psychometric and skills testing, and video interviews
coming soon
Post to job boards and social media
Onboarding services
Employee induction and training
Proactively find candidates for your roles

Q: How do I use Marketplace?
Marketplace is accessed through your ATS system. Once you have entered Advorto Marketplace, you have the chance to view available services by type and filter by category, search by keywords or just browse what is available.

Q: How much does it cost?
Marketplace is completely free to use for all Advorto Customers - you are only required to pay for the services you buy.

Many Vendors offer simpler and more flexible service packages on Marketplace. This allows you to pay only for what you need.

Q: How do I find the right provider?
Each Vendor has a profile page in Marketplace and has added their Product and Offers so you can research and compare the different Vendors quickly and easily.

Once you have made your choice, you can then buy the products or services you need online.

Depending on your procurement procedures you can opt to buy directly from the Vendor using their terms and conditions, or you can purchase through Advorto on our standardised terms. Simply look for Products and Offers marked with the Approved flag.


Approved Offers are made using your existing Advorto contract and any purchases are added to your monthly Advorto invoice.

Agency Services

With Advorto Marketplace you can find the best recruitment agencies based on location and speciality, and also compare their rates and rebate periods, helping you save money. Agencies will be able to offer you contingent and retained hire services. You can choose which works best for you.

All of the recruitment agencies on the Advorto Marketplace are “Approved” meaning they have signed up to our terms and conditions which pairs with your existing Advorto contract. This means you can confidently work with all of the agencies listed.

Agencydetails Right3quarters

Q: How does the Agency submit candidates?
When you choose to work with an agency, they will be given access to submit candidates through your Advorto ATS to the selected vacancy. All of the candidates they submit will be available to you in your ATS just like normal candidates. So you can process them in your normal way.

Q: How are payments made?
You will be invoiced by Advorto who will then pay the agency who successfully placed the candidate.

Q: How do I work with my selected Agents?
The Advorto Marketplace will introduce the agency to you and will give them access to allow them to supply you with great candidates. You will be able to contact and work with your selected agents through the Advorto ATS.



Being able to assess your candidates, whether you have one or thousands, the Advorto Marketplace will make sure you find the best candidates to fill your vacancies.

We have selected best-in-class Vendors to launch Marketplace, many of whom are offering free trials of their products.

Visit our Showcase to find out more about the leading providers who are available through the Marketplace

Q: How do candidates take assessments?
Assessments consumed through the Advorto Marketplace are linked back to the candidate’s account within the Advorto ATS, meaning all data is stored and viewable against the candidate.

Your candidates also access any assessments from your Advorto ATS careers portal, directly from the account they have made. This gives them confidence and reassurance that their application is progressing.

Q: Will I able to action large numbers of candidates?
Advorto Marketplace and all of the assessment vendors listed can facilitate very high volume automated transactions, increasing efficiency and can lead to substantial cost savings.

Q: I already work with a Vendor, can I still use Marketplace?
Where you have an existing procurement agreement with a Vendor, you can, by arrangement with Advorto and the Vendor, use Marketplace to fully automate transactions under that agreement.

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