Partnering with Advorto

Our network of partners and consultants brings specialised industry focus and local knowledge. They implement and support our systems using our methodology to ensure consistent delivery for our customers.

Advorto runs 3 different types of partnership: reseller, referral and RPO (recruitment process outsourcing). Each of them offers a different way of working with Advorto, aimed to suit different organisations’ needs.

Reseller Partnerships

Advorto has a number of reseller partners who sell our recruitment management system to their customers.


One of our resellers is Stepchange who resell Advorto recruitment management system to a number of NHS trusts in order to meet their clients’ demands.

Sell the way you want to

End users of the software may or may not be aware that the services are provided by a third party.

Partners may white label the Advorto service and take over configuration, integration and support services without Advorto’s involvement. 

We make it simple

Advorto provides full support to its partners including all collateral and training necessary to not only promote the Advorto product but also to configure, implement and support the product for the end user.

If you would like more information on becoming a reseller partner please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Contact our partner team

Partner function (right)
Partner type (below)
Customer Referrals Sales & Marketing Implementation & Configuration Support Product Integration
Referral Yes
Reseller Yes OPTIONAL Yes
Recruitment Process Outsourcing Yes OPTIONAL Yes
Consulting Yes
Developer Yes
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